bob jacquart

Coming Soon Upper Peninsula Entrepreneur Series

Featuring Bob Jacquart 

From a student at Michigan Tech to taking over his father’s business, to acquiring the Stormy Kromer brand and the successful transition to his daughter. How did he make it happen? Bob will lead the first of the Upper Peninsula Entrepreneur Series  under the Small Business Support Hub program.

Jacquart’s discussion will center around the importance of CEO roundtables to share best business practices and talk through business challenges. These roundtables create opportunities for CEOs to strengthen their decision-making processes, bolster communication skills, and build business relationships. 

In addition to CEO roundtables, the discussion will outline opportunities in the use of fractional CFO and COO roles – something Jacquart used in his own business to grow at a pace comfortable to the operation. It provides businesses with access to chief financial officers and chief operating officers without the full-time position, hours, benefits, and salary associated with the roles. 

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